Copying product line items directly

Click and open the Inventory Product Listing file (accessible on the Order page), so you can read it and scroll through it on your computer. Now, also open a new, blank email, and address it to

As you read from the IPL file that is open next to your blank email, HIGHLIGHT (click and drag), COPY (CTRL-C), and PASTE (CTRL-V) individual product line items that you want to order directly into the open email. (You may have better success by clicking and dragging to highlight moving from RIGHT to LEFT if going from left to right does not want to readily work.) For example:

F 355026 50 America's Choice Sour Cream Creme Cake - 12/20 oz. 1.57 ea. 18.85

FI 8608908 24 Bake 'n Joy Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Batter BB 11/04/18 2/8# 0.79 lb. 12.57

32761 15 Apple Filled Fruit Stick Pasrty w/ Sugar 120/3 oz. 16.16

DI 1303 77 Amish Farm Special Amish Blend Coffee (Bulk) - 1/25# 1.12 lb. 28.05

If you only want ONE case of the item you have listed, leave the line as it has been pasted. If you want multiple cases of the same item, just add a note to left/end of the item, as in:

003700 98 Choice Landing Albacore Chunk White Tuna in Water 01/14/19+ 48/5 oz. 0.79 ea. 37.7 - TWO cases

When you are done, send the email with the copied and pasted lines of product from the IPL to You will receive an email confiming your order was received.

NOTE: You will notice that with this method we do not ask you to input your name, or add up totals. If you have ordered before, we know who you are through your email address, and so already have your name on file. Also, totaling your order is for your benefit only; the system we use to process the orders will total the product for us (and it finds any mistakes the customer may have made :) ). You may, of course, provide your name, totals, and any other information you think we need to know to best process your order. We will get back to you if we have any questions.