Placing your order

If you've ordered before, you know how this works - view the IPL (Inventory Product Listing) and place your order by your preferred method!  Please remember not to put off your order until the last minute - the sooner we get your order, the more likely you are to get your products!

If this is your first time placing an order or you're just looking for information, scroll down for more details.

Please make sure you have read our simple disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Now accepting orders for Routes B & C!  Orders due by 10 a.m. on July 16th.

If this is your first time ordering, please check out our Delivery Routes, and determine what Route you would be on (pickups are Route "P").  If the current IPL is for the route you are on, and the order period has not yet closed, read "Before you order" below, and then select an order method, and place your order.

Once you have ordered with us, we will send you an email invitation to order regularly with the IPL that is appropriate for your Route, so you will always know when we are accepting your orders.

Before you order

As mentioned above, we do not recommend that you leave off placing your order until the last day/minute. We suggest that you regularly compile and send your order to us as soon as you reasonably can after receiving the invitation to do so, certainly no later than the Saturday before the close of the order period.  The earlier we receive your order, the greater the chances of receiving the products you have ordered, and this will also provide time to get a response back from you should your order be incomplete or have an error.

Email orders received later in the order opportunity may be set aside as we need to then focus on processing the mail orders received on Monday and Tuesday.  Therefore, we will not be responsible for incomplete/erroneous orders sent to us after the Saturday immediately before the close of the order on Tuesday.

The ordering process

First, all customers need to view the IPL (Inventory Product Listing) which can be reached with the button above.  Then, to send us your order, you can use one of two methods.

You can either use an easy form that you copy into a new email and fill out, or copy and paste product line items directly from the IPL into your email.  Select the appropriate button to proceed to instructions for your desired method (we recommend the Fillable Form for our new customers).

Service disclaimer

Before you order, please note: Due to our effort to provide products at huge discounts, LFS cannot guarantee that all the products will always be available by the time we receive your request and order it for you. Sometimes the price of that deeply discounted product may have changed slightly by the time we are able to purchase it. In addition, while we also will do our best to deliver items in a timely manner, we cannot guarantee that frozen items will still be fully frozen (and this includes ice cream; order at your own risk, as we will not be responsible for melted items!). However, in the end, know that our goal is to provide the greatest variety of items at the lowest prices possible, so that you, our customer, is satisfied with our service.